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How to use approved contractors:


After you file a claim with VYRD, HOMEE will work to set up the inspection of the property damage reported.  A HOMEE Pro writes the estimate and once approved by VYRD, repairs can be scheduled to begin.  Payments will be sent directly to HOMEE, who takes on the responsibility of managing the repairs and payment disbursements through to the conclusion of the repairs.

About the HOMEE Pro Network:


HOMEE provides a curated quality provider network.   Each HOMEE Pro is Guaranteed to adhere to our Operating Standards:

  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • IICRC / EPA Certifications
  • Background Checks
  • Rating and Reviews
  • W9 / Tax ID Verification
  • OFAC / Fraud Flags

Benefits of the HOMEE Preferred Contractor Network:



Our Management

HOMEE oversees the progress of repairs for customers until the work is completed to customer’s satisfaction.


Our Quality Network

Our vetted network of highly rated local Pros are dedicated to the quality of your repairs.


Our Speed

Timely repairs are governed by program service level agreements. We never leave you waiting on repairs.


Our Ease-of-Use

Easy Scheduling – HOMEE will call you to schedule your appointment and coordinate with your Pro. 


Our Warranty

Our 5-year workmanship warranty guarantees that the job is done right, and is maintained for the foreseeable future. HOMEE always makes it right.




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