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COVID-19 Update

HOMEE Update for Providers

To Our Service Pros:

Now more than ever, the services you provide make a significant impact for our customers.

Most states and counties have identified service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences as exempt from Shelter-In-Place Orders.

In the event you are asked to provide evidence of the type of service you are providing or provided, feel free to open your most current job within the app and share with authorities.

Here is a recent listing of Shelter-In-Place Orders across the U.S.



These links are provided for your information only.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to the regulations put in place in your area.

Thank you for your continued efforts providing an essential service to our customers.

Stay safe out there.


Doug & Dave

HOMEE Co-Founders


HOMEE COVID-19 Update for Customers 

To Our Valued Customers:

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, and we are monitoring updates from local, state and federal authorities closely.  Our primary objective is to ensure the health and wellness of our employees, our network of service providers, and the residents of the properties serviced.

Because many of the services we provide are identified by authorities as “essential” or “lifesaving,” we will continue to service our customers’ repair and maintenance requests to the best of our ability.  Thank you in advance for understanding if delays or stoppages in service occur as new restrictions come about.

To help lessen the spread of COVID-19, we are asking our network of service providers to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Refrain from being on the HOMEE network if feeling unwell or showing any symptoms associated with COVID-19;
  2. Avoid physical contact with customers, e.g. no handshaking;
  3. Minimize contact to personal items within the home, e.g. door handles;
  4. Reschedule service if concern customer may be sick; and,
  5. Disinfect any tools used in the completion of a service before taking another job.

If anything changes, we will update you as quickly as possible.  But for now, please know that we will be here to support your needs as best possible during this difficult time.


Doug and Dave 

HOMEE Co-Founders


HOMEE Guidelines for Service Provider Working with Residents 

Dear Service Pros:  HOMEE is committed to the health and safety of our network of Service Providers, customers and employees. In light of COVID-19, we are making every effort to protect our team and yours.

As you’re aware, many people are choosing to stay home. This may increase their need for urgent home repair services, and you may see more jobs to pick up.

To ensure the safety and health of our network of Service Providers and customers, we have created the below guidelines for you to follow when engaging in face-to-face interactions. Also, please be aware of restrictions a customer might place on visitors and adjust any interactions accordingly.

1. If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), PLEASE DO NOT LOG INTO THE NETWORK OR TAKE JOBS.

2. If a customer expresses concern about you entering their home, remember to answer honestly and create peace of mind by sharing that you are currently well and have no known exposure or infection.

3. If you are on a job and you feel uncomfortable continuing because of what you observe at the location, for example, customer showing symptoms of being unwell:

a. Do not continue with the job if you feel you will be at risk and exercise extra caution. Always remember to be respectful and mindful of our customers’ interpretation of how we behave.

b. Mark the job as complete but leave in "compiling receipt" status.

c. Immediately contact HOMEE and determine next steps for yourself and for the customer. 

4. Use of gloves or any type of safety mask to complete your work is a personal choice; it is not a requirement. If the customer requests you to do so, please follow his or her wishes only if you are comfortable and able.

Thank you for being such an important member of the HOMEE network.  We value your hard work and professionalism.  Stay safe out there.  


Doug & Dave 

HOMEE Co-Founders


Pautas de HOMEE para proveedores de servicios que trabajan con residentes

Estimados profesionales del servicio: HOMEE está comprometido con la salud y la seguridad de nuestra red de proveedores de servicios, clientes y empleados. A la luz de COVID-19, estamos haciendo todo lo posible para proteger a nuestro equipo y al suyo.

Como saben, muchas personas eligen quedarse en casa. Esto puede aumentar la necesidad de servicios urgentes de reparación de viviendas, y es posible que vea más trabajos por elaborar.

Para garantizar la seguridad y la salud de nuestra red de proveedores de servicios y clientes, hemos creado las siguientes pautas para que usted las siga cuando interactue en forma personal. Además, tenga en cuenta las restricciones que un cliente podría imponer a los visitantes y ajuste las interacciones acordemente.

1. Si no se siente bien o muestra síntomas asociados con COVID-19 (fiebre, tos, dificultad para respirar), NO INICIE SESIÓN EN LA RED O HAGA TRABAJOS.

2. Si un cliente expresa preocupación acerca de que usted ingrese a su hogar, recuerde responder honestamente y comunicarle que actualmente se encuentra en excelente estado de salud y no tiene exposición o infección conocida.

3. Si está en un trabajo y se siente incómodo al continuar debido a lo que observa en el lugar, por ejemplo, un cliente que muestra síntomas de malestar:

a. No continúe con el trabajo si siente que estará en riesgo y tenga mucho cuidado. Siempre recuerde ser respetuoso y consciente de la interpretación de nuestros clientes sobre cómo nos comportamos.

b. Marque el trabajo como completo pero déjelo en estado de "compilación de recibo".

c. Comuníquese de inmediato con HOMEE y determine los próximos pasos a seguir. 

4. El uso de guantes o cualquier tipo de máscara de seguridad para completar su trabajo es una elección personal; no es un requisito. Si el cliente le solicita que los utilize, complazca al cliente solo si se siente cómodo y capacitado.

Gracias por ser un miembro tan importante de la red HOMEE. Valoramos su arduo trabajo y profesionalismo. Mantengase a salvo.


Doug & Dave

Co-Fundadores de HOMEE